Infographic: Shocking Facts About Computer Virus

Virus or malware file; once gets intruded in the PC or Smartphone device irrespective of OS, troubles the user to huge extent. About couple of decades back, computer virus was just a topic of discussion but now they have become a real threat in technology domain. With tremendous change in nature of virus, it behaves in a different way and the antivirus software that was installed to prevent its adverse effect on the performance of device. Virus is just a word, which is used to indicate the malicious files that enter in the PC or mobile device and make it vulnerable to use. 

With three different categories of malicious software; malware virus, worms, and Trojan horse, each has different functionalities that give trouble to users at frequent time intervals as they are developed with same logic and instructions. As per the research conducted, it’s a really a shocking exposure that the average age of virus developers is actually a young personality irrespective of gender between the age of 14-20 years; who create a virus program for their own practice and experiments that often get viral and spread over abruptly to make things more frustrating for PC or Smartphone users. More than 70% of the youth are employed by the crime syndicates as virus developers that are located in almost every part of the globe.

It was in late 90’s when the Melissa virus was intruded by crime syndicates that were quite influential, which force IT and tech based organizations especially Microsoft to disable its email system so that it can be destroyed permanently. It is quite surprising to know that virus files used to get intruded in the other PCs through floppy disk when the technology of computer network was not incepted. Though, it was a beginning stage of computers; so many people used to bring floppy disk into practice for transferring information and new programs.

As per the research conducted by Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, the households are adversely affected by computer virus as various phishing activities conducted by scammers results in financial crises. Apart from this, Amazon, one of the biggest online shopping portals has become the victim of phishing attack with other major organization hit frequently due to the same issue is Apple and EBay.

Let’s take a look at a wonderful infographic on “SHOCKING FACTS ABOUT COMPUTER VIRUS”

Shocking Facts Virus Infographic

These above mentioned shocking facts of Computer virus were still unknown to many of the internet users across the globe. Reading these facts may help people know about the ill effects of the virus that can make the things vulnerable and leave any user vulnerable as well as financially ruined if proper actions are not taken on time.

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