All About Changing Facebook Password

Facebook has metamorphosed a great deal since its beginning days. Today, Facebook is a potent advertising medium and the biggest sale point. But for most of the people, Facebook is same as it was in the primitive days, based on the utility. Irrespective of the significance of the Facebook for a varied section of people, the hovering security threat is same for all. Facebook password change on a regular basis can avoid the unseen privacy threats; sometimes they can be life-threatening.

How To reset Facebook Password

Change your Facebook password periodically because you can not see the future threats, but you can prevent them from happening!!

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How To Change Facebook Password?

Changing Facebook password on a regular basis, be it 3 months or 6 months can make your account secure from the dreadful intentions of the hackers. A good password is easy to remember and hard to guess, so choose your password wisely.

Three Feasible Steps To Change Fb Password

Facebook password can be changed in less than no time by three easy steps-

Step1- Login your Facebook account using your old password

Once you have logged in, click on the icon located on the extreme right corner of the top. A drop down menu will open with the Settings option just above the Log Out option.

Step 2- Open the Settings page by clicking on the option

Clicking on the Settings will navigate you to the General Account Settings page. Now click Edit located on the right in the Password section.

Step 3– Clicking on Edit, you will get to see the option to change your password.

Enter your Current password, followed by a New one and Re-type new password in order to confirm it.

While Creating A New Facebook Password-

  • Choose a strong password, which is really hard to guess or crack.
  • Passwords containing a mix of lower and upper cases of letters, special characters and numbers are so strong that hackers prefer to stay away from these.
  • Don’t use common information in your password like your DOB, mobile number and so on

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Facebook Password Change

There are millions of Facebook users around the globe with different languages, cultures, and skills. Not all users are so much of technical adept to fix the issues related to changing FB password. In an attempt to get the solution, they search/post their queries on the internet. Here are some of the frequently asked questions from all corners of the world.

 1) How do I Change Facebook Password Using My iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user and want to secure your Facebook account, then follow the given steps to set a strong password for your FB account.

Step 1- Open Facebook app in your iPhone and log in using the old FB password

Step 2- Click on the Menu button and follow the given series of action-

Account Settings > General > Password

Step 3- Type your current password, choose a new password and re-enter new password in order to confirm.

Step 4- Click on Change Password to get the job done, that is having a new FB password.

2) How To Change Facebook Password Using Android Phone?

If you have Android phone to use Facebook, change password by gives steps-

Step 1- Open Facebook app and login your account

Step 2- Click menu button and browse –

“Account Settings > General > Password”

Step 3- Type your current password and a new window will appear where you have to enter your new password and re-enter to confirm it.

Step 4- Now click on Change password to finish the password changing.

3) How Do I Change My Facebook Password If I’ve Forgotten It?

If you have forgotten your old password, then you have to recover your Facebook password first. After password recovery, you can change your FB account password. The three main ways to recover/reset  your Facebook password are as follows-

  • Password recovery through mobile number
  • Password recovery through Email
  • Password recovery by answering security questions

To recover your password via phone or secondary email address, make sure that you have their access, in order to verify them.

 4) After Changing My New Password, How Would I Save It?

After changing your Facebook Password successfully, All you need is to click on “Change Password” and your password is saved. You will be directed to your FB page, but when you login your account next time, then you have to give your changed/new password.

If you have any kind of unease to perform any of the steps, then you can contact Facebook Support by dialing +1-844-666-8311 to get the expert’s assistance.