How to Delete or Deactivate Yahoo Email Account

With news spreading like a flash related to data security breach happening in Yahoo email account with doubts clouding over its webmail security features, registered Yahoo webmail users look ahead or decide to delete or deactivate their Yahoo email account so that there is no possibility of identity theft happening in their case. But the majority of email users, are not aware regarding how to delete or deactivate Yahoo email account. As they look to avail help from Yahoo helpdesk team but due to unavailability of tech support number for Yahoo, users are unable to contact phone support team for getting complete assistance regarding how to de-activate or delete Yahoo email account.

Yahoo email account data theft sometimes happen due to security breach happening in Yahoo webmail server but on most of the occasions, data and identity thefts happen due to negligence was shown by users as a loophole is what cyber criminals look for and they grab it with both hand s when the opportunity comes in their favor. Users generally show negligence in securing the Yahoo mail account by consistently changing the password or modifying email account settings, which consequently results in identity theft.

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Deleting or de-activating Yahoo email account is really an easy task but it needs to be done in a proper way. With no proper guidance provided by Yahoo Inc through phone support, it’s really a tough task for the user to accomplish essential tasks like deactivating or delete Yahoo account in minutes as many of them are not aware of the process or steps to perform deletion of Yahoo webmail account permanently in quick time.

But not to worry, Yahoo Inc has revealed some steps to delete or deactivate Yahoo Account. As the words suggest, deletion or deactivation of Yahoo account is an everlasting process as the user cannot recover or restore his/her old data upon deletion of Yahoo email account on a permanent basis. Yahoo Inc can allow users to revoke the deletion process by logging in to Yahoo webmail account within 90 days of submitting Yahoo deletion request. If he/she doesn’t login into Yahoo account in the stipulated time period, there is a huge possibility of losing Yahoo account permanently with data stored in it.

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Things to Remember While Looking to Delete or Deactivate my Yahoo Account

  • Delete the Child Account first which is linked to your Yahoo account
  • Your Account will not be recoverable once90 days are over
  • You will be able to revoke the Yahoo account deletion request by accessing the same with correct sign-in credentials.
  • Sync all your email in android or IOS device to go through the message in future even if the account gets deleted permanently.
  • It’s advisable to save information of your account
  • Copy or forward email messages
  • Yahoo contacts need to be exported on priority basis and get it saved in your desktop or Smartphone device
  • Set auto forwarder on to get Yahoo messages on another webmail account once it gets deleted.
  • Yahoo calendar data need to be exported with calendar file format and get it imported into another calendar program in your Smartphone device

Procedure to Delete or Deactivate Yahoo Account Permanently

  • Sign into your Yahoo account by entering correct login credentials
  • Go to account settings and click on terminate your Yahoo account
  • Wait for the screen to appear. Once the page is displayed, a message appears “Are you sure you want to terminate your Yahoo! Account?”
  • If you are really sure about permanently deleting or deactivating your Yahoo email account, then confirm your account identity by entering authentic Yahoo password.
  • Please provide the same to entering and fill up the captcha box before clicking on the button “Yes terminate this account.”
  • As the button is clicked, the countdown of 90 days starts within which you can revoke Yahoo account deletion process if required.

Get Help:

These steps can really prove to be effective if applied carefully when it comes to deleting or deactivating Yahoo email account on a permanent basis. Otherwise, Yahoo customer support helpdesk team can be contacted by availing email support that sometimes prove to be a time consuming process for user when it comes to getting effective response when it is required on urgent basis.

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