How To Create A Facebook Business Page In Three Easy Steps

How To Create A Facebook Business Page In Three Easy Steps

It is very easy to create a Facebook business page. Creating a Facebook business page enables you to harvest the umpteen benefits of Facebook for the promotion and growth of your business across the globe. It increases the exposure of your business to the potential customers and gathers more leads to your business.

Here Is A Guide “How To Create A Facebook Page In three Easy Steps”-

Step 1- Select “Page” just below the “Create” option located in the bottom of the right corner.

On clicking select a page you will get to see the following options-

  1. Local Business or Place
  2. Company, Organization, or Institution
  3. Brand or Product
  4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or Community

Step 2- Select any of the above options, fill them with the required details and click on “Get started”.

Step 3- After clicking on “Get Started”, you will be directed to your Facebook business page. Fill the following details to give your page a finishing touch-

  1. Add a cover photo
  2. Add a profile picture
  3. Adda short description
  4. Create a username for your page

This is how you can create a business page on Facebook with a personal account. Creating a Facebook business page can offer you seamless opportunities to increase your customer base and be in contact with them in a cost-effective manner.

What Else You Can Do On Your Facebook Business Page-

Here are some effective Facebook business page tips to improve the traffic on the page.

  • Add a call to action button

Add a call to action button on the top of your page so that people can easily take a specific action. It helps people to call you, text you or go to your website, to know more about your business services or products. Try to make this call to action button highly visible so that people on your page can find it easily.

  • Create a username easy to remember

A username helps people to find and remember your page. An easy username can facilitate people to find your business Facebook page easily without much effort.

  • Send people to your website

Add your website address on your page so that more and more people visit your website to shop,  make an appointment and inquire their queries.


  • Send invitations to your friends to like your page

Invite your friends to like your page. A Facebook business page can help you to spread the tentacles of your business by spreading your business page to a great extent. Facebook for business is an optimized solution people are rushing to adopt nowadays.

  •  Post a short video on Facebook business page

The video is an interactive and effective way to tell your story and has a better engagement of the public in comparison to the other media.

  •  Fill the page with the catchy content

Publish updates on your business page on a regular basis to attain a higher crowd engagement. The post can be comprised of the following options-

  • Plain text status
  • Link with caption
  • Image with caption
  • Video with caption
  • Check-in status
  • Event page

A Facebook business page costs nothing but your time and skills to stuff it with the engaging content. You need to keep the Facebook business page account login credentials secure to get into the wrong hands.

If you find it difficult to create a business page on Facebook, you can contact Facebook customer support to get the instant help.

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