How to Change Yahoo Password?

How to change Yahoo password” is quite a prominent question which is heard among email users on a consistent basis.  Yahoo password change is not a complex process but certain steps need to be implied on PC or Smartphone device as per its script developed by webmail service provider. Same is the case with every other webmail service provider. The process to change Yahoo password is variant as there are certain points, which are quite distinct when it comes to performing modification in mail account settings while changing its security key that is essential for accessing the personal or official mail account.

Email users often get bewildered while looking to change Yahoo email password on their Windows PC, Mac, Android as well as iOS device. The actual reason behind their problems in Yahoo mail change password is a different process altogether for each and every device that actually makes them bemused. The scripts in email application installed on Windows PC, iMac, and Mac Book Pro, as well as Mac Book Air, IOS, and Android device are different which force users to adopt a different process to perform Yahoo password change.

how to change yahoo password

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Users, who are completely non-technical or have no idea to perform Yahoo mail change password on their device even though they know the account modification process. With no Yahoo customer service number available to change Yahoo account password using PC or Smartphone device, users generally get frustrated as they need to keep their account secure from malicious activities of scammer or hackers. Users keep on sending messages to Yahoo email helpdesk team by filling up contact us form sending the following questions on a frequent basis as no official Yahoo Support Phone Number is launched to render instant help.

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How do I change my Yahoo Password on PC and Smartphone Device?

For every device such as Windows OS and Mac OS X supportive desktop and laptop, Mobile browser, Android and IOS, different processes need to be applied to perform modification in Yahoo email password. Here are the steps which will help users know how to change yahoo password in a feasible manner.

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Method 1

Change Yahoo Password on Windows OS Desktop and Laptop

  • Sign into Yahoo account entering correct login credentials
  • Click on the cog icon located on the top right of the device screen
  • Select the option: Account Info
  • Tap on the account security tab
  • Once it is done, user can notice change password link on the same web page
  • A new page is displayed upon clicking on the link in which yahoo password can be changed or modified in the easiest
  • Provide a new password and enter the same to confirm the same.
  • Now change the same in the email client application such as MS Outlook or thunderbird installed on desktop or laptop.

Method 2

Change Yahoo Password on Mac OS X iMac and Mac Book Air Device

  • Unlock your Mac device and click on the web browser app icon shown on the screen.
  • Open and enter the login credentials
  • The time you are successfully accessed into an email account, search for Yahoo account info page and open the same.
  • Once the new web page is displayed, there is account security link in the info page.
  • Click on the link account security and wait for the new slide to get displayed on the screen.
  • Once the page gets displayed, the user can see the option of change account password.
  • Tap on the same in quick time and wait for the page to get displayed.
  • Once the new slide appears on the screen, provide the secure password to your mail account
  • Provide it for the second time as well for security reasons.
  • Press on continue button.
  • The message is displayed “Your password is successfully changed”
  • Now open your email client application installed on your Mac device and update the password to keep receiving the messages from webmail server.

Method 3

Change Yahoo Password on Mobile Web Browser

  • Unlock the mobile device and tap on web browser application
  • Sign-in successfully into your Yahoo email account
  • Look for account info page, once you successfully login into your mail account
  • Tap on account security link shown on the new web page displayed on the mobile screen
  • Once it is clicked, the change password option is available.
  • Tap on the same once and wait for a new web page to get displayed.
  • Once the web page is displayed on the mobile screen, there is two empty boxes where the user needs to provide a new password twice for Yahoo account security.
  • Provide the password twice as per the instructions are shown on the screen and tap on continue button.
  • Once the button is tapped, a message is displayed, you have successfully changed Yahoo account password.
  • As user change or modify the password of yahoo mail successfully, it is advised to change the password in mobile email application in which yahoo account is configured so that messages can be received in the mobile device as before.

Method 4

Change Yahoo Password on Android and iOS device

  • Unlock your Android or IOS Smartphone and tap on Yahoo App installed on the device.
  • Provide your correct login credentials to successfully sign-in into your mail account.
  • Search menu button and tap on the same which will take you to account info web page
  • Again bring out the Menu tab and Tap on Account Security Option.
  • Then tap on the change password option.
  • Input the password twice in the required fields and change the password successfully.

Can’t Change My Yahoo Account Password Yet!! What to do?

This is not only in your case but many users are facing problems applying these methods to change their account password. As there is no official phone number launched by one of the biggest web portals for its email users to deliver instant help, who feel despondent to deal with change password issue.

Contact Yahoo to change password:

iGurus Inc renders a helping hand; when it comes to changing Yahoo password with expertise assistance offered by email technical support experts through phone lines. Third-party Yahoo Support Helpline Number; launched by the organization, providing outstanding helpdesk services to Yahoo users at its best, every time users require much-needed assistance to get rid of sudden issues while modifying security code of the account

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