4 Effective Ways To Recover Disabled Yahoo Account

Recover Disabled Yahoo Account

There are various reasons that create hindrances in accessing your Yahoo account. You might have attempted to access your Yahoo account with invalid or wrong login credentials several times  or there may be other reasons that lead to account being deactivated or disabled by Google for the violation of its term and services.


Here are 4 Easy Ways To Recover Deactivated Yahoo Account-

  1. Recovering Yahoo account, when login details are forgotten
  2. Entering your login credentials in the Login section
  3. Recover deleted yahoo account via Community Q & A
  4. By contacting yahoo customer support numbers


Method 1

How to Restore a Deactivated Yahoo Email, when password is forgotten

We use many accounts that require a login password. So it is possible that you can forget your Yahoo password. Secondly, it is possible that it’s been a long time to deactivate your Yahoo account and you are not able to recall it. No need to worry as you can recover your forgotten password with the help of the recovery email address of phone number.


Step 1- Open Yahoo login Sign-In-Helper in your browser.

Step 2- Enter the email address of your Yahoo account. You can also give your mobile number if the number is associated with your primary account.

Step3- Click continue just below the text field of the page after entering your email and phone number.

Step 4- Click on text me an account key, if you have the access to the phone number whose last two digits are displayed on the screen.

  • If you don’t have the access to the number, then you need to click on “I don’t have the access”. Clicking on this will give you an option to click “Start over” and you can enter a recovery email address or phone number.
  • If you don’t have the access to any of your email or phone number, then you will not be able to reactivate yahoo account without password

Step 5- Open the message you have received on your phone number. The account key will be comprised of the 8 letter code.

Step 6- Enter the account key on the yahoo and click on “Verify”. You are now signed in your account.

Step 7- Click continue to review your account information on this page and resetting a new password for your Yahoo account.

Method 2

Entering your login credentials in your account-


If you remember your login credentials, that is, Yahoo email and password then you can recover your disabled Yahoo account just by entering the, in the Yahoo login page.

  • Enter your email address in the given area and click on “Next”
  • Give your latest password in the respective field

When the given email address is matched with the entered password you will be able to access your deactivated Yahoo account.

Method 3

How to recover a deleted Yahoo Mail account via Community Q & A

Community help is a podium to get in touch with the other users Yahoo users to ask a question, discuss over the problems related to the Yahoo mail and discuss over the multi-pronged challenges related to the use of Yahoo account.

Method 4

Contacting Yahoo customer support number

A third party Yahoo support number can help in the hours of need when you can’t afford to loose the access to your Yahoo account. There are many benefits of taking the help from the customer support number as they can help your problems with the optimal solution.

  • A third party Yahoo support can help you on 24×7. So you don’t wait for the help as you can fix it on a real time basis.
  • You can recover deleted Yahoo account instantly with the help of the adept professionals even if you are not well-versed with the technology.


Cases That Left You With No Option But To Create A New Yahoo Account

  1. When you forgot your login password and you don’t have the access to any of the recovery email and password.
  2. If Its been more than 90 days deactivating your account. You can recover Yahoo email account, only if its not more than 90 days of account deactivation. After that you can’t regain the access to your Yahoo account.
  3. If your account has been disabled for the violation of Yahoo’s “Terms of Service”.

Hope this tutorial is helpful for you to enable a disabled yahoo account, but if you still feel any kind of unease enabling your account, then our techno-adept professionals at Yahoo technical support are always ready to comfort you with their friendly assistance to fix your problems and permanently reactivate Yahoo account.



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Updated: July 15, 2017 — 6:16 am

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