Facebook Login Problems that Can Annoy You to the Core

Facebook Login Issues

Facebook sign-up problems can be really annoying when you have the limited time to access your social media account and that time is wasted in struggling with the login issues. You never want to get trapped in such situations.

Around 800 million of the people use Facebook worldwide. Like all other websites and social networking sites, Facebook has also many login problems. But don’t need to be panic. If there is a problem, there is a solution too.

I can’t access my Facebook account” can be a troublesome feeling for everyone. But instead of mind storming with this fact, you need to the reason why this is happening? Because without knowing the exact reasons, you can’t get the right solutions.

Top 5 Main Causes that Create Technical Hindrance While Login into Facebook account

Here, we are giving some of the main reasons that can be the root cause behind your inability to access your Facebook account.

1-Incorrect email address or password

  • Due to incorrect password

Sometimes, it happens that you enter your Facebook password and it shows that your Facebook password is incorrect. It is possible that you have entered the wrong password, or you are entering the old password or someone has changed your password. Try to remember your password or get the access to your changed password by requesting for a new password, before someone uses your FB information for their wrong intentions.

  • Due to incorrect email

Same is the case with your email address or number also. Be it the typo error or the spelling error. In this case, you need to delete the entered email address, type again the email correctly as, due to a spelling error, Facebook is unable to detect it. Now log into Facebook account again to indulge you into the Facebook bustle.

2- login page is not loading

This is also one of the most common problems where Facebook login page is consuming a lot of time to load. In this case, there should be something wrong with your cookies. It is highly recommended to take the help of Facebook help section.

This login problem has given rise to a terrible hacking technique known as ‘Phishing’ that is attempted to hack the personal information. It works by creating fake login pages and steal your login information.

To prevent yourself from this hacking method, you should follow these points-

  • Enter the URL by yourself

For safe Facebook sign-in, always self-enter the URL. In the browser rather than clicking on the other websites, Facebook login pages.

  • Always check the URL of the pages

Always check the URL of the pages if you are redirected from another page to the Facebook login. Sometimes, an actual URL may be different from the Facebook.com because a professional phisher also knows to change the URL.

  • Don’t share your login information

Don’t share your login information with anyone else, as they can use your data, including text, images, and other information for their malicious intentions. So, it is better not to trust anyone when it comes to your Facebook login.

  • Keep your password strong

Try to keep your password as strong as possible. Usually, a password with mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols is considered as strong as it becomes really hard to guess.

With these login tips, you can use your FB account safely without facing any unpleasant technical hindrances.

3- I can’t login my Facebook account with a mobile number

Many people signed up for Facebook from a mobile number and use it to login with the password they created during the process of creating an account. So, if you have created a Facebook account with the help of your mobile number and unable to login into your Facebook account, then make sure that-

  • You have entered correct number

While entering the number, make sure that it is correct and include your country code. In this case, Facebook will not be able to find your account.

  • No extra zero or the special character is used

Don’t use any extra zeroes, + signs or other special characters. You can also request for a new login password using your mobile number.

4- I can’t access my Facebook account as it’s really hard recognized anyone in the photo security check

Facebook has designed photo security check, to protect your account from the suspicious login activities; login from a different computer or country. If you are unable to recognize your friends, then don’t get restless. You can follow these points to get the access of your account-

  • Try this Face recognition step after some time

You can wait for a few hours and try again. It is possible that you may get a face you know very well.

  • Login from a Familiar device

Try logging into your Facebook account from another system you have used before. It will surely help you to some extent.

5- If you are not able to Identify your FB account from the “Find Your Account” page.

This is one of the common Facebook login problems today that make you unable to find your account. To find your account, you can try these steps-

  • Ask your Facebook friend

You can ask your Facebook friends to check at the about section of your profile and provide you the email address or phone number listed in the section of contact information.

  • Try your old email and mobile numbers

Try to enter every old email address or mobile number you’ve owned at a time. The possibilities are there that you may have added an email address or mobile number to your account and forgotten it later.

  • Try your username

Your username is like your personalized Facebook URL so you can use your username.

  • Ask a friend for your username

If you don’t know or forgot your username, you can ask a friend to go to your profile and send you the username in the URL.

  • Try variations of your name

Try entering variations of your name, if you have signed up with your nickname. It will surely help to locate your account

  • Enter the full name of your friends to locate an account

If you’re asked to enter a friend’s name, try a variety of friends with their full name, not just their first name if the first friend you try doesn’t locate an account.

These tips can assist users in a better way to get out of this daunting situation and get login problems fixed in a feasible way. But, if you still have any doubt regarding the Facebook login; you can directly call Facebook support to access your account without any technical hiccups.

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