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It is really maddening when you are chatting with your friends and Facebook stops responding.  You want to post recent photos of vacations and share your moments via Facebook live video feature, but unfortunately, your Facebook is not letting you do so. It may seem that someone has pressed the pause button and you are not able to find the way out.

You must be seeking for instant help. You might have already visited Facebook Help Center, but there is no direct Facebook support number. You have tried a lot to fix the issue at your end, you have gone through many prescribed solutions available on the FB help community page, but you did not find any relevant answer.

Facebook Technical Support Number

Now, what’s next?

The fear losing your Facebook might be bothering you. You are struggling a lot to contact Facebook customer care support, but no visible ray of hope is seen.

As we all know that the word “Facebook” doesn’t need any recognition. Wherever you are, even in the remotest region of the earth like “Artic”, when it comes to Facebook, everyone gives a friendly nod with a smile. The question might be popping in your head “Why Facebook doesn’t provide any Facebook support phone number?”, despite being the most infamous Social networking site.

Did you Know?

Facebook is one of the renowned networks that connect people across the world Worldwide. According to March 2017 reports, there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users, which is an 18% hike from the previous year. Moreover, there are over 1.15 billion active users on mobile, eventually 23% of the increase in mobile traffic on Facebook over the year.

The Figure is huge in itself, Isn’t it?

Direct Links to Contact Facebook Customer Service

Support Department
Contact Information
Facebook Help Central https://www.facebook.com/help/
Facebook Account Issue https://www.facebook.com/help/570785306433644/?helpref=hc_fnav
Friending https://www.facebook.com/help/1540345696275090/?helpref=hc_fnav
Manage Home Page https://www.facebook.com/help/753701661398957/?helpref=hc_fnav
Facebook Messaging https://www.facebook.com/help/1071984682876123/?helpref=hc_fnav
Facebook Photos Related Queries https://www.facebook.com/help/1069521513115444/?helpref=hc_fnav
Facebook Video Related Queries https://www.facebook.com/help/1041553655923544/?helpref=hc_fnav
Manage Facebook Pages https://www.facebook.com/help/282489752085908/?helpref=hc_fnav
Manage Facebook Groups https://www.facebook.com/help/1629740080681586/?helpref=hc_fnav
Facebook Events Queries https://www.facebook.com/help/1076296042409786/?helpref=hc_fnav
Facebook Mobile/Desktop App Issues https://www.facebook.com/help/866249956813928/?helpref=hc_fnav
*Facebook customer support services can no longer be reached via phone or email.

So it is not feasible to manage such a huge population and facilitate Facebook customer helpline support number for the users.

As Facebook is developed with the Java script and configured with the help of certain software, it is quite obvious that at any point of time, the users might face technical issues because it’s really impossible to reach the perfection in this era of technological revolution. The issues encountered on Facebook cannot be specified or can be predicted, it may vary from person to person. So, offering customer service to each user will be like nailing jelly to a wall.

So, in case individual or a business come across any ‘tricky situation’, they can contact any third party Facebook customer support phone number for instant help. Starting from free error diagnosis, free tips to use Facebook features, troubleshooting tips to quick fixation of technical breakdown via remote access.

The list of Support Provided by Facebook Support Number

  • Help you to go live on Facebook
  • Assist you to create Facebook Fan Page
  • Instant Support to recover Facebook Account
  • Help you to log out from the Facebook messenger
  • Help you to create Group on Facebook

The list doesn’t end here. Whatever be your issue, the tech experts take care of everything at their end. In the hour of need, you can directly contact to the toll-free phone number of Facebook customer support for instant support.


Good news for loyal Facebook users. The social media giant has come up with its online video streaming feature “ Facebook Live”. It lets the users broadcast or share moments with the world, just by tapping on the live video button and capturing the event with the camera inbuilt in the phone.  It is the best way to engage people in any conversation in real time. Especially for digital marketers, they can actually see the live reactions of the target audience.

In case, you are not aware of the techniques and steps to go live on Facebook; you can contact the experts via Facebook support phone number. The professionals will help you to make the best use of this incredible live video streaming feature. However, to get started, make sure that you meet the following parameters mentioned below:

  • First, to get started, you need to have a Facebook account.
  • Make sure you have logged in
  • Your Facebook app is updated to the latest version
  • You need to have a front camera enabled mobile phone


Being a social media giant with worldwide reach and having user density of over 1.9 billion and counting; Facebook is not just limited to making friends, sharing photos, in fact, it offers incredible opportunities to drive maximum traffic to your targeted website. So, if you want to promote your business online, you should never ignore the importance of Facebook. After all, it’s all about getting leads and improved sales.

Get started by creating a Fan page on Facebook and make most of this superlative platform that allows two-way interaction between you and your targeted audience. In case, you are new on Facebook and unaware of the methods to create a Fan page on Facebook to promote your business; feel free to contact Facebook customer service toll free number.

The technical experts will not only help you to create your Facebook business page, but also guide you to make relevant and engaging.



Undoubtedly, Facebook is now an inevitable part of life, as it holds a lot of our personal pics, videos, important notes, groups, very trusted friend circle, business fan pages, and much more. So, it is quite infuriating, if we lose our account or if someone gained the access of the account, then he/she can use our info and data to harm the reputation.

In the such plaguy scenario, when you lose the authority of your account, you can directly Facebook customer care toll free number for instant help. The experts will provide you a complete guide to recover Facebook account absolutely free. In case, you fail to regain the access to your account despite implementing the tips; then you can ask for quick troubleshooting via remote access.


You want to log out from the Facebook messenger, but it is not letting you do so. Actually, the Facebook messenger doesn’t have any logout button, once you are in, you are in forever. You might be annoyed with the fact, but don’t panic, still, there is a way out. Let our expert take care of everything.

Contact the toll-free Phone number of Facebook customer support to get connected to our tech experts. Once you call us and inform them about the issue; they will guide you to log out from the messenger within a matter of time. In case, you get stuck and fail to implement those steps, they will do it for you via remote access.


Alike Facebook fan page, creating Group on Facebook also plays a trick to engage the audience. By building a group and adding people of similar niche, you can actually drive maximum traffic and enjoy the bliss of improved sales. However, crafting a group on Facebook is not a piece of cake, you need to be clear with objectives, why you want that group and what you can use it to fuel the business. Undoubtedly, Facebook groups are a great source of traffic generation, as it offers more visibility.

So, if you have no idea, how to make an efficient Facebook group; you can contact us and we will do everything all set for you to get started. Reach to the skilled professionals just by dialing a Facebook support phone number.

Why choose us?

We are among the top-notch third-party Facebook Customer Support provider, where each technician is highly qualified and has many years of experience in resolving Facebook-related issues.

We have a team of handpicked experts for Facebook Support customer service, who offers excellent troubleshooting for any kind of Facebook-related issues conveniently anytime and from anywhere. The experts are available round the clock to offer impeccable desired assistance through remote access.

Facebook Official Customer Support
Facebook Third Party Support Services
Any Premium Support-Not Available Premium Help for Every Issue
No Toll Free Numbers Round the clock Toll Free Support Available
Very Slow Response Time Provides Instant Support
No Remote Support Get Remote Support for Major Issues
Free Instructional Support (Via Blogs Only) Paid Support (Depending on issue)
No Online Chat Support Free 24/7 Online Chat support
Confusing, delayed & frustrating Convenient & immediate Support
*Don’t waste your time – Call  to get help!

Here are few of the best factors that prove the excellence of Technical Support available for Facebook:

  • We offer Facebook support by toll-free Helpline number.
  • Quick troubleshooting by highly skilled professionals.
  • Offer smart guide & useful tips to manage Facebook account more efficiently.
  • Free tips to manage a Facebook Fan page.
  • Free Error Diagnosis
  • No more waiting, Call us for instant support.
  • 24*7 availability of Helpline Customer Support for Facebook
  • The technical Team provides step by step solutions via email, chat, and remote access.
  • We offer a separate toll-free number specific to the USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA

 So, if you face any technical hiccups, contact our technical experts through Facebook customer service phone number and get instant support. You can call us anytime, irrespective of odd hours, because we always care.