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Now Perform Facebook Password Recovery without Email and Security Questions

Recover Facebook Password
Facebook password recovery can now be done easily, even without the email and security question. As security questions are no more asked to reset Facebook password, it has provided users; the huge relief to a certain extent. The majority of the users; being registered with FB a decade back, are unable to recall the answer of security question for password reset in quick time. (more…)

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Facebook Login Problems that Can Annoy You to the Core

Facebook Login Issues

Facebook sign-up problems can be really annoying when you have the limited time to access your social media account and that time is wasted in struggling with the login issues. You never want to get trapped in such situations.

Around 800 million of the people use Facebook worldwide. Like all other websites and social networking sites, Facebook has also many login problems. But don’t need to be panic. If there is a problem, there is a solution too.

I can’t access my Facebook account” can be a troublesome feeling for everyone. But instead of mind storming with this fact, you need to the reason why this is happening? Because without knowing the exact reasons, you can’t get the right solutions. (more…)

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Are Phishing Scams Troubling the Social Media Users to Huge Extent!! A Review

About Phishing

What is Phishing?

Phishing, in actual; is nothing more than an offline scam that used to happen earlier. The only difference is that it is being conducted online with new confidence to make more web users prey to it. Scammers conduct phishing activities through webmail services like Google+ social media podium, associated with Gmail accounts, plot tactics that convince the users; who access their social media account and become a victim of phishing activities by sharing the confidential details. (more…)

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How to Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account?

Delete/Deactivate Facebook Account
Deleting or deactivating Facebook account is not a challenging task. Some people get confused amid the process of delete or deactivating FB account. In actual, these are the parallel lines and steps to implement delete/deactivate Facebook account are entirely different.
It’s not necessary that you need to be an engineer or qualified techie to change the Facebook password on iPhone device. Likewise, you can also delete or deactivate your social media account by following the essential steps as technical knowledge is not required in this case.  (more…)

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