Are Phishing Scams Troubling the Social Media Users to Huge Extent!! A Review

About Phishing

What is Phishing?

Phishing, in actual; is nothing more than an offline scam that used to happen earlier. The only difference is that it is being conducted online with new confidence to make more web users prey to it. Scammers conduct phishing activities through webmail services like Google+ social media podium, associated with Gmail accounts, plot tactics that convince the users; who access their social media account and become a victim of phishing activities by sharing the confidential details.

Luring web users by sending award winning emails to make them greedy for wealth is one of the ways to conduct phishing activities. Other than this, threatening webmail like email account block with ransom messages as well as frightening bank account block messages; normally persuade users to give money or share important confidential details. With posts like online money-making jobs setting at home, people generally share their confidential banking details to get payment for their work prior to starting any task sent through email, they normally get victimized by phishing scams and are on the verge to get financially ruin.

Beware of Phishing Scams in Social Media Website

Phishing scams are not only limited to Google+ but it has also made many Facebook users prey to it with similar kind of activities to lure money by collecting personal details from users or conduct identity-theft and send phishing messages to all the contacts added in social media account that make the user accused of spreading scam messages. People generally trust the contacts and check the posts which are shared on FB or other social media websites despite ignoring them as they know the person socially.

Message discrimination is not possible in this case. Even, they access the shortened URL and cannot think of any phishing scam and share important details. Identity theft makes the things easier for fraudsters as they do not have to make huge efforts and get a bunch of potential victims in a matter of seconds.

Let’s take a look at a wonderful infographic on some adverse Impacts of phishing happening through social media accounts:

Impacts of Phishing

With every online born threat, trends need to be considered seriously with ever-increasing phishing activities on social media accounts. It is essential for each and every organization, rendering service to their new or existing clients so that compromise of account details; using their website identity cannot be possible. Newsletters sent through Yahoo BT and other paid webmail services, should be used to a huge extent as they are safe to use. Never share any of your email address, to get newsletters from web service providers as the majority of them are running phishing scam these days.


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Updated: May 17, 2017 — 10:07 am

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