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Out of the number of social media platform available today Facebook is the most commonly used. It has more users than Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram combined. FB has revolutionized a number of industries and has helped many companies grow. It is one of the most popular online advertising platform available today. Every FB users encounter problems at some point of time. These problems may occur due to several reasons. Some of these can be easily fixed on our own while others are not so easy to fix. Some complex problems require the help of FB experts. You can contact Facebook customer service toll free number to get the help of Facebook experts to fix the problem. Contacting Facebook customer service is quite an easy task. In order to do so you have to just call Facebook customer service on +1-888-259-9422(US/CANADA)

Facebook Helpline number

Facebook is supported on a large number of platforms. You can use it either by browsing it using web browser or running its dedicated app for different devices. Sometimes the users may encounter different types of problems based on the level of complexity of their usage. Some basic problems with Facebook account can be encountered by all the users while the problems at higher levels are encountered by quite a few. Mostly the basic problems are quite easy to solve and a number of help is available to solve these problems.

Some of the basic Facebook problems are:

  • Facebook Sign in problems.
  • FB Sign up problems.
  • Facebook password reset problems.
  • Problem while changing FB account settings.
  • FB Application configuration issues.
  • Cannot change FB profile picture.
  • Unable to update FB cover photo.
  • Unable to send or receive messages using Facebook messenger.
  • Download and installation problems of Facebook app and Facebook messenger app on Android and iOS devices.

These problems are quite easy to fix and require no extra effort on your part. You need to just have a little bit idea about the basic Facebook computer and Email usage. In case you encounter any problem while solving these problems you can give a call Facebook customer service toll free number to get your problem solved by the experts. At Facebook customer care number you can receive support 24*7, and also get help to fix your Facebook account on public holidays.

Sometimes the FB users may encounter some complex problems as well. These problems cannot be fixed easily and require the help of Facebook experts. At Facebook customer service we provide help to fix Facebook problems as well. At Facebook customer support you are provided with help from experts to help you accomplish your task. Some of the Facebook problems which require the help of experts are:

  • Cannot create FB page.
  • Facebook and browser Compatibility issues.
  • Facebook server downtime issues.
  • Hacked Facebook account.
  • Recover hacked Facebook account.
  • Script errors on Facebook.
  • Facebook load times more than normal.
  • FB payment issues.
  • Problems with ad campaigns.
  • Payment transfer issues and many more.

Some other problems may be also encountered by you at any moment of time. Customer service for Facebook provides a Facebook customer service toll free number which can be dialed at any moment of time. This will help you solve even the most complex problems that you encounter.

Different solutions provided by Facebook Customer Support:

At Facebook customer support your different problems related to Facebook are solved. Some of the Facebook problems for which support is provided are:

  • Help to change FB password.
  • Help reset Facebook password.
  • Delete Facebook account.
  • Recover deleted Facebook account.
  • Deactivate and Reactivate Facebook account.
  • Fix Facebook and browser configuration issues.
  • Recover hacked FB account.
  • Fix Facebook script issues.
  • FB deactivated account recovery, and many more.

These Facebook issues are solved by Facebook customer support tech executives. Facebook technical support guys are quite proficient in their field and have years of experience in helping others solve the FB related problems. Step by step instruction is provided at every step to help you fix the problem. You can get your problem fixed by FB experts even if you have no technical knowledge.

How to contact Facebook customer service?

Facebook users at some point of time or other ask the question: How to contact Facebook customer service? The customer service for Facebook has a dedicated number which can be dialed at any moment of time to get help from the FB experts.

Dialing Facebook customer service toll free number connects you to the FB customer care executives. Then you have to explain the problem that you encounter on your Facebook account with FB customer care executives. Then your problem is verified and appropriate steps are taken to fix your problem. In case the problem turns out to be complex and require the help of experts, the support is provided by taking remote access of the device. After the problem is fixed you are also provided with the tips to take care of your Facebook account in future.

Sometimes some problems may turn out to be quite complex. Many new problems encountered fall into this category. Such problems may need the help of Facebook customer support service. In such cases a report of the Facebook problem is prepared, and is made available to FB developers for review. After that appropriate solution is provided. This is done so that if any major problem due to the bugs in codes is fixed so that others don’t face the same problem. Data of the problem encountered is also maintained so as to modify the user browsing experience. It also helps in introducing new features on Facebook.


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