Personal Guidance

Now no need to wait for expert techies working with branded organizations for any help. Contact experts at iGurus Inc to get personal guidance kit that help in resolving problems at your end.

More than 5K Support related documents are available on the official blog of iGurus along with DIY tech support videos that can help users avail solutions by going through the same.

iGurus personal guidance program increase confidence within users  and make them aware about their capability to fix problems on their own by going through effective videos containing steps to fix all kind of troublesome issues quite persistent in PC and Smartphone device, webmail servers, printer and router device, branded software products developed by Microsoft and Adobe.

Search for different issues within the our official blog and videos as well as support documents are available in front of you to get instant help using these resources.

Videos:  iGurus provide you more than 5k+ video tutorials on different issues generally faced by users while using PC or Smartphone device,  printer and router device as well as scanner, webmail servers, software setup and installation, corrupt OS  problems, device and network security, etc.

DIY Tutorials:  Access the library of DIY tutorials and find out the best solution out of the abundant results that come across in front of you. Experts have already worked on these steps and positive response is guaranteed incase the steps are applied properly.

Personal Guidance App: At iGurus, the experts working for us use advanced technology that diagnose the issues and take appropriate actions to get them resolved within seconds. The user interface with advanced functionalities, make user feel comfortable when it comes to resolving problems in PC or Smartphone device, printer and router device ,webmail server issues, antivirus software setup and installation, etc.


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