Yahoo Password Recovery without Email Address

Yahoo email service has been on top since last one decade or so. As amazing features getting added with the launch of classic and Pro versions, its popularity has touched the new heights.

As email users are getting more cautious about Yahoo security after the data breach that happen a couple of years back, they keep changing the account password. In doing so, they sometimes tend to forget yahoo password.

With no official Yahoo support phone number available on the web, users sometimes get disappointed due to no source of immediate assistance made available to them when it matters the most.

For the convenience of users, the strategies of Yahoo password recovery are mentioned below:

One of the strategies to reset yahoo password, answering security questions is no more available as an option to recover Y! email password as per the press release made by Yahoo. It is done for the convenience of users, who have no idea of the answer provided to the security question when they sign- up with Yahoo mail.

It’s actually not easy for anyone to recall the answer to the security question, which was set during Yahoo mail sign-up.

Let’s move ahead from this tussle and think of one other scenario. Suppose you forgot Yahoo password all of the sudden and have no idea what to do, it’s quite sure you will opt for password recovery option.  What happens if you do not have access to the registered email address. It can be because of the following reasons:

The only option left with you is to recover Yahoo account password with the phone number provided during account registration. Here are the steps to recover the forgotten or hacked password

                “Yes, text me an account key”.

In case, you find any trouble during Yahoo password reset, then it is advised to contact email customer support rather than making invalid attempts to login into the email account as this can lead to getting the Yahoo account blocked.