Yahoo Mail and Dropbox- Sending Large Mail Attachments Made Easy!

Drop Box

For all the troubles and the many technical issues related to Yahoo, it is still one of the most used email platform. Until now, it did lack some of the technical innovations, which had been smartly integrated by its rival Google and Microsoft.

It would be wrong on your part to assume that the basic role of any email service is to send or receive messages. On the contrary, the trend these days is to incorporate cloud storage facilities, which then allow users to share and store files and documents.

As Google integrated Google Drive with Gmail, Microsoft integrated SkyDrive with Hotmail, Yahoo too had to do something. So, it formed an alliance with Dropbox , with the primary intention to offer users the ability to send and upload attachments instantly.

Since the files basically get stored in the Dropbox account online, it does becomes somewhat convenient to find any particular file, when the user is not in a position to access the computer for some reason or the other.


Sending Large Files in Yahoo through Dropbox

Let’s start by understanding what Dropbox is all about? It is a file hosting and file sharing service, which then can be used to share large files, with competent ease. The fact Yahoo mail allows you to integrate files with Dropbox does make it easy for you to mail with large attachments from your PC to practically any email address.

But this is only possible when you link Yahoo mail to Dropbox.


Linking Yahoo mail with Dropbox


It is necessary to link your Dropbox account with that of your Yahoo mail account. To do so, you need to do the following:

  • Sign – into your Yahoo mail account.
  • Now, you have to click on the Gear icon, which you can locate at the top right corner of your Yahoo mail page.
  • Click on the Settings button, from the drop-down menu.
  • From the Settings window, select Account.
  • Scroll down to Cloud Storage option, right under the Account tab.
  • Next, to Cloud Storage option, you will get two options: Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Click Dropbox from the Cloud Storage option.
  • If you are not having any Dropbox account, try creating one this time around.
  • After creating the Dropbox account, just make sure to follow the on-screen instructions.

When you are done with the task, it clearly implies that you have linked your mail account with Dropbox.

Next comes the most interesting part of the exercise. After linking your account, the rest depends on how you intend to use it. Listed below is the step by step instructions:


  • After signing – into your Yahoo account, click on the Compose button.
  • Under the Compose email section, enter the address in the subsequent fields marked as To, CC, BCC, Subject and  Email body. On entering the desired information, click on the Attach icon, which you can easily locate at the bottom.
  • When you proceed by clicking on the Attach icon, you will then get a list of four options:

* Share files from Cloud providers.

* Add photos from recent emails.

* Insert Animated GIF’s.

* Attach files from the computer.

  • In order to add a file from your Dropbox, click- Share files from cloud preference.
  • A side panel will appear from where you have to select – Dropbox.
  • Select the file that you want to the recipient from the list.

When you are done, make sure to click on the Send button, so as to send the email with the attachment to its intended recipient.


Is Dropbox Really that good ?


The underlying theme pertaining to sending large attachments with emails is frankly simple. To start with, the whole procedure is devoid of any complicated steps. All you have to do is to get the steps right. Essentially, it helps to reduce the stress and provides you with a platform, where you stand to use Dropbox to send attachments, without worrying much about the size.

Moreover, the fact that Yahoo family integrates with Dropbox has indeed paved the way for you to send attachments that are considerably larger.

If for any reason, you need some sort of assistance, while trying to connect Yahoo mail with that of the Dropbox account, then it certainly makes sense to try and consult the experts. The technicians from the 24/7 Yahoo tech support  will indeed come to your aid, when it matters the most.

Other than resolving the Dropbox account related issues, you will also get a chance to fix the Yahoo mail related technical problems at the starless.

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