Now Perform Facebook Password Recovery without Email and Security Questions

Facebook password recovery can now be done easily, even without the email and security question. As security questions are no more asked to reset Facebook password, it has provided users; the huge relief to a certain extent. The majority of the users; being registered with FB a decade back, are unable to recall the answer of security question for password reset in quick time.

But what about the usage of email account to reset the password for Facebook? With scenarios occurring so rapidly, they get betrayed by the email address that is actually being considered as the best option for Facebook account password recovery.

The actual reasons behind email address not working in user’s favor for Facebook password reset are:

But no need to worry as if your recovery email address is not active at present, to perform Facebook reset the password.  You might have forgotten that the phone number was also provided by you at the time of Facebook sign-up.  If the same number is presently active, then you can get the things done easily.

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to recover or reset the Facebook password using registered phone number: