Get Facebook Password Recovered Without Email and Phone Number

People of different age groups, are using Facebook to a huge extent through their PC or Smartphone device. Be it is for personal use or expanding the business, Facebook is being accessed on a regular basis by several people.

With several security breaches happening on the web, FB users keep changing their password on a regular basis. Doing this, they sometimes forget the recently changed Facebook password and keep making attempts with the wrong login credentials that eventually block or suspend their social media account on a temporary basis.

The FB users, in the mainstream, have no idea about the methodologies or strategies that can be quite effective in Facebook password recovery.

“My Registered Email Address and Phone Number is Not Active Anymore!! Is there any other way out to Recover Facebook Password

This scenario can happen to anyone who is a Facebook user and unable to recover FB password. You may also get confronted with this kind of issues while performing Facebook password recovery if both the recovery email address and phone number are not active at that point of time.

You can consider yourself lucky if any Gmail account is linked to your Facebook account. Just recall if you have added any Google account in the list of email addresses. If yes, then don’t wait just go for it. You do not have any need of primary email address or recovery phone number to start the process of Facebook reset password.  Now, there is a possibility to implement the procedure to perform Facebook password recovery without an email address and phone number.


Method to Reset Facebook Password without Phone Number and Email Address

Here are the methods to reset Facebook password without Phone Number, as well as email address as both of these options, are no more available for regaining access to FB account.

Start Facebook Account Password Recovery with Google Account


We hope that these essential steps can easily recover Facebook password without an email address or phone number. In case, you face any trouble executing these steps, contact Facebook Help Center to discuss with experts in this regards and they will be helping you in a much better way.