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Google Addons

As if you’re like other people; Google Docs is something that can be actually helpful for you to perform tasks and store the documents in the cloud.

Though there is something you actually need to inherit from the word processor, but not to forget; there is a huge demand for web-based applications. Google Docs is one amongst those and in order to make this program work in an emphatic manner, certain add-ons are required to be installed for making the software highly responsive.

The best thing about add-on is that you can choose the one, which can be quite needful to you. The best part is that you can effectively customize the program as per requirement and can easily uninstall those when they are no more in need.


Top 10 Add-ons Available to Utilize Google Docs in a Better Way

As there is a long list of plugins available to utilize Google Docs in an effective manner, listed below are the top 10 add-ons tools of which you’ve not heard before:

  1. Doc Builder
  2. Page Layout Tool
  3. Text Cleaner
  4. EasyBib
  5. Translate+
  6. Docsecrets
  7. Yob Graph Editor
  8. Flat Music Notation
  9. Collovate
  10. Mind Miester

Let’s start elaborating it one by one as these are defined in the certain categories


Effective Add-ons to Create Clean Documents

Clean documents are generally preferred over clumsy ones, no matters how much quality has been induced in the second option. Finest touch is offered to the output delivered using Google docs with the help of below-mentioned add-ons:

  1. Doc Builder: The main aim of using the add-on in Google docs is to automate or semi-automate the functionalities that help you accomplish the tasks in quick time. Keeping that in view, Doc builder add-on is worth to be used. Using this tool, snippets can be easily inserted in the documents from the sidebar just by clicking on the mouse.

For example: If the same block of text is being used in different documents, it can be added to the doc builder and accessed anytime whenever required. This add-on is not merely confined to text document but you can also use this feature for disbursing image files as well.

  1. Page Layout Tool

Are you habitual of taking print consistently from Google doc files?

Have you been fed up with taking print outputs on the page or paper having the exact size?

If answers to these two questions are yes, the page layout tool can be the effective add-on feature that can suit your requirement. Just get this add-on installed on the Google doc that can help in setting the page size and margins as per your print requirement. This tool can also be useful when it comes to simply exporting PDF documents.

  1. Text Cleaner

As if you’re taking down the text from different sources and have made several attempts to include all the text together as a cohesive document to avoid mess up,  sorting it line by line is not an easy task. Text cleaner add-on tool, once installed in the Google docs; take all such responsibilities to perform complex tasks at ease. It can help the user to decide what elements need to be considered and which are to be left out. It can prove to be a time savvy process once used in a right direction.


Time Savvy Doc Add-ons

No one likes to waste a second while working on an important project. Hope, you also don’t like doing so. Use these add-ons to streamline the workflow to derive best results upon accomplishing the defined task.

Here are certain add-ons that can be installed in Google Docs as per the requirement to save time and quick accomplishment of bulk tasks in a viable manner.

  1. EasyBib: Adding a bibliography for certain kind of project; sometimes become highly frustrating as it’s not an easy cakewalk for everyone. Using EasyBib tool can help you get relief from all the complex issues. As if you have installed the tool in Google docs with sidebar open, the information can be looked upon very easily that help you add the quote or another reference. Though you may not create the documents on a frequent basis, EasyBib is what that can help you accomplish all the complex tasks at ease.
  2. Translate+:  As the world is connected globally, it’s quite essential to have a tool embedded in the document which can easily translate its language. As if you are using a standard word processor, it’s actually next to impossible while translating the document from one language to another. But you can make it possible while using Google docs and that too after installing the tool Translate+.

This tool actually helps you cover all the languages that exist globally and will be quite supportive as per the requirement.

  1. DocSecrets: As there are several people; who really admire the usage of Google doc, the main reason is that it helps a user to share access of document to the specific person by providing his/her email address.

Users just want to share a specific portion of information mentioned in the document but the complete file has to be shared with the other person as the user is unaware of any such provision that can hide the confidential information (mentioned therein) from the specific user/users.

Docsecrets is available for the convenience of users as its installation can help in protection vital portion of the information. The section that is confined to security gets password protected and a particular user won’t be able to go through the confidential information in the data.


Add-on Features Quite Advanced Than Standard Word Processor

These add-ons; once installed in Google Docs, will help you get the tasks completed with amazing features that you’ve never experienced using a standard word processor. Below-listed is the plugins that can help in the completion of a task in a streamlined way:

  1. Yob Graph Editor

In order to display data in a viable way using attractive manner, using graphical display can be the best option to make users understand the things. Installing Yob graph editor within Google Docs can be the best option as it can help user display the data as per their requirement. Functions can be used to display a graph within the document. As there is no such tool available in standard word processing, you can get it done in Google docs using this add-on tool.

  1. Flat Music Notation

This is quite a useful add-on. Being a music lover as well as a starter, this tool can be quite helpful for you in adding music to the Google doc. Though 99,99% of the Google Docs users are not going to show any interest in this tool, music lover will love it for sure.


Work Together in a Team Using Google Docs Add-on

There are certain add-ons that effectively works when you plan to work together as a team for completion of the assigned project. Some of those are mentioned below:

  1. Collovate – It is one of the essential add-on tools that can be used extensively upon getting installed in Google Docs. Users can make comments as well as make necessary changes using this application once it successfully gets installed on the website
  2.  Mind Miester: Have you ever used mind apps? If not then use it at the earliest to organize the thoughts as well as make discussions with other people who are working with you on the same project. You can get it done through by installing Mind Miester app on Google Docs.

Using these add-on extensions in Google docs can actually help you in accomplishing general or complex tasks in a feasible way. In case you‘re not able to use any feature after installing add-on extension, contacting Gmail live chat support is the best option to get a solution for issues or error while installing add-on tools in Google Docs.

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