How to Create the Best Facebook Video Ads – The Complete Guide!

facebook video ads

There is something raw about Facebook video ads. If the videos are too good to be true, you are then tempted to watch them. On the contrary, when the videos don’t really fit in and are poorly made, then you are just going to ignore and move on.

Assuming you have a business interest and for the same reason, it becomes necessary to reach out. You are no doubt looking forward to engaging the targeted audience. So, what options do you have? In order to hit the right spot, you have to use tactics that help in creating a buzz. As such, video ads seem to be a nice medium. Besides, with Facebook, you have a platform that gives you access to billion plus potential customers.

If you succeed in gaining the attention of even a fraction of the users, it will mean a lot.

But creating numerous Facebook mobile video ads won’t do much to strengthen your cause. There are several aspects that need to be taken care of.


Where Should You Begin?

The main objective is to engage the viewers through videos that eventually help you to reach out. Of course, it requires a bit of discipline and an uncanny ability to understand the trend that appeals most to the users in general.

In part, the most essential part is to get involved with the whole process. The key is to optimize the video ads, so as to stay relevant. But how do you do that? Well, the answer to this question is being discussed in brief, right below.


1. Always try to gain maximum attention:

Remember, people these days have a shorter attention span. See, there are countless other video ads running in the background, vying for maximum attention. Unless you make it a point to introduce what the video ad is all about, no one would take any particular interest to know what you have to offer.

The Facebook video ads should tick all the boxes and must co-relate with the preferences of the viewer. Anything other than these will not be of much assistance. Since it is all about engaging the audience, you need to be on top. As far as the concept of the video is concerned, you need to convey the message in quick time.


2.  Short videos are the key:

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is the length of the video. Be precise and clear in what you want to show. People don’t generally like to waste time watching videos which are not informative or fails to serve any purpose. For the best results, the videos ads should not be more than 15 seconds.

Eventually, if you want short Facebook video ads to succeed, try conveying the message through 6-second ads. This can have a positive impact, which really matters a lot.

With the change in time, there are more video formats available, which seem appropriate for your circumstances. However, it is only when making a conscious effort to understand the far-reaching impact of video ads has, you get to know how this medium can be a game changer.


3. Establishing your brand identity is a must:

At a time, when you are more concerned with the task of creating short videos, promoting your brand almost takes a backseat. However, there is a way.

Try to project your brand within the first three seconds, which helps in the long run. Without giving much importance to brand promotion, your Facebook video ads are not likely to have any definite impact.

If your brand is not featured in the ads, it is never going to work.


4.  Come up with an attractive video title and description:

If you do want people to come and see your videos, then it is a must to have an attractive title along with a description. The title and description will provide the necessary information to the viewers what the video ad is all about.

You must get the titles right, as this is what attracts the viewer. Do consider something relevant and catch, so as to get the maximum attention.  When you can play with the curiosity card, it generally helps the build the buzz and this usually means a number of viewers.


5. Evaluate the specs of your video ad:

If you don’t give much importance to how your video actually looks and feel, it might never work in the first place. You must get the specs right, so as to get things right.

There are certain recommendations that you must follow. To start with, the ideal resolution for the video should be 1080p and the video ratio must be between 9:16 and 16:9. Most important of all, the Facebook video file size should not exceed more than 4GB.

Keep everything within the limits and you will eventually get the things right.


6. Your Objective should correlate with Facebook ad types:

Depending on your preference, you can select any format of video to inform and promote what you specialize in.  You can update vertical video ads, GIF’s, video carousel ads, Facebook story ads, sponsored live videos and a lot more.

The overall criteria should match your marketing objective. So, it is entirely up to you, as to how you want to go about with the whole thing.


7. Prefer localized content:

As far as Facebook video ads are concerned, you must give more importance to localized content. By going native, you have a chance to engage the audience that you are targeting.

Much of the promotion through ads is a lot defined by the existing Facebook algorithms. When you keep everything under control and go for innovation, it builds up your credibility and all of this happens, due to the emergence of Facebook video ads.


Final Remarks

With the change in time, there are more video formats available, which seem appropriate for your circumstances. However, it is only when making a conscious effort to understand the far-reaching impact of video ads has, you get to know how this medium can be a game changer.

Needless to say, you will want to know more. Perhaps for this very reason, you can approach the experts, by making use of the Facebook toll-free contact number. You will find immediate assistance and by the end of the day, all the answers you are looking for had been answered in the best possible way.

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