Wanna Create Gmail Account on PC and Smartphone device!!

In the web-savvy world, people of all ages whether a teenager, youngsters, middle and old-aged people prefer to create Gmail account. Being incepted by Google, it has complete webmail security to offer with SSL encryption that relieves web users from all kind of anxieties while sharing information during Google account sign-up. With Gmail services incepted in early 2004, there are certain services made open to registered account holders to access Google labs that consist of apps such as Google drive, Google Play, Maps, calendar, YouTube, Translate, photos and much more.

With the advancement in technology, users can now sign-up with Gmail using Android or iOS smartphone device through App, which has gained hype due to frequent usage made by mobile users in accessing their webmail account and other services offered by Google. With deployment of Gmail app, quite a few people prefer accessing email inbox messages on desktop using web browser in which they need to enter login credentials again and again to access inbox messages as well as perform other activities such as sending messages, chatting with known through embedded app, starring important messages, saving messages and important details in drafts for future use and much more.

Now all these things can be done easily through the app, once the users create Google mail account in a hassle free manner through smartphone device using a web browser or App. The procedure of Gmail sign-up using web browser app installed on PC and smartphone device is quite different from performing Google email account registration process using App, developed by Google.

How to Create New Account on Gmail Using Web Browser

1. Launch a web browser and type gmail.com
2. Click on the link Create Account.
3. Upon clicking the same, Gmail account sign-up form is displayed
4. Fill the essential details such as first and last name, desired login id, password, Gender, date of birth, recovery phone number and email address and press the button next step after selecting the country from the drop down menu.
5. As the new webpage is displayed, click on any of the options mentioned on the screen to receive verification code through a text message on the mobile device or by receiving an incoming phone call by Google.
6. Enter code in the box and click on verify button.
7. Wait for the new screen to display as it takes the time to validate the code.
8. As the new code gets validated successfully, a dialogue box appears in which the terms and conditions are mentioned that need to be accepted by users before clicking the button “I Accept- Continue”
9. As it is done, you are redirected to the Gmail inbox dashboard successfully.

How to Create New Account on Gmail Using App on Android or iOS Smartphone Device

1. Unlock your smartphone device and navigate to menu option by tapping on home icon in the middle of Android or iOS device.
2. Now look for Gmail App in the list of menu items and tap on the same.
3. Once the screen is displayed, you are asked to enter the login credentials if you are using Gmail for the first time.
4. If you do not have any login id and password, then tap on the link “Create An Account”.
5. As the new page is displayed, you are asked to provide the first name and last name and click on ‘next’ button.
6. Now, a user is asked to provide the desired login id along with a secure password (with one uppercase, one lowercase, numeric and special characters.
7. Tap on ‘next’ button to verify the authenticity of the user by providing the verification code sent through text message on mobile device
8. Provide the verification code and click on verify button to get redirected to Gmail inbox dashboard.
Gmail inbox interface appearing on smartphone device is quite different from what displayed on desktop or laptop device. You need to tap on icon three lines to see other tabs such as promotions, updates and social to access messages being sent by websites sending newsletters as well as promotional messages.

You can easily change Gmail password anytime once the Google email account is registered successfully. In, case any kind of trouble occurs while creating Gmail account or while availing any kind of features after successful webmail account sign-up, then contact helpdesk team to get immediate help anytime dialing authentic or official Gmail support helpline number available on the web.

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