Why Using G Suite for Business is Now Considered a Smart Move?

Gsuit for Business

When you refer to Google, it sounds more like a search engine. Enter your query and in an instant, you will find a relevant answer. However, Google is more than that. It now offers a range of services, which play a pivotal role in streamlining multiple tasks with relative ease.

For small business owners and start-ups, Google aims to offer ideal resources, which are tuned to assist them in maintaining a sustained growth. In a way, these small organizations can use the services to improve their reach and create a strong brand identity.

In G Suite, the users now have an ally, which has been programmed to offer complete solutions for their own good. The whole package is intended to present a viable alternative for the users, who in general looking for an effective means of communication.

The transition from Gmail to G Suite naturally has its own set of benefits and advantages. Well, you do know the functionality of Google Drive, Gmail and other apps that are focused towards serving your business interests.

But, as far as G Suite is concerned, you don’t really know much. Before jumping on the bandwagon, it makes sense to understand what G Suite is all about and how it can be beneficial.


Understanding G Suite- A Brief Introduction

G Suite at best can be termed a collection of innovative apps, which in its earlier avatar was more commonly known as Google Apps. Users who are actively looking holistic email solutions can make use of G Suite to serve their business related needs.

With G Suite, you get access to a gamut of apps and services that can come in handy. More or less, the apps give you some much-needed respite by trying to bridge the communication divide. Ideally, your productivity increases and with better time management, you do stand to gain a lot.


Key Features of G Suite You Can Use on a Daily Basis

Based on the usage and your need, you can subscribe to several G Suite plans. In most cases, users prefer the Basic G Suite plan. The plan is comparatively cheap with $5 charged for per user on a monthly basis.  The plan basically includes the following:

Gmail:  Gmail is essential and very popular with most of the users. With the Basic plan, you end up with an ad-free version of the online email client, which works fine. Besides, your employees get a chance to have their own individual email accounts along with the business domain name. In the end, this neat arrangement helps to build your brand’s reach and visibility.

By the way, are you finding it tough to send or receive emails on Gmail? Well, in that case, by getting in touch with the Gmail helpdesk team, you have a good chance of making recovery in an instant.

Google Calendar: In business, you have to maintain a tight schedule. This usually involves following up with clients and keep a track of the upcoming meetings.  The scheduling aspect can be complicated and in such a scenario, Google Calendar can be of immense help. Amidst the chaos, through Calendar, you can keep everything under control. From now on, you will never have to worry about remembering schedules or missing any important project related deadline.

Google Drive: You will, of course, need a safe to keep your files and the various data. Why not opt for Google Drive then? At least, you will now have an opportunity to access and share files from one single platform. Moreover, with the search function, you can find any document.

Google Docs and Google Sheets:  When it comes to Google Sheets and Google Documents, you stand to create or edit documents within the browser. Besides, you stand to import your documents, which in turn allows you to make them editable. In addition to these, you can export the documents to other third-party formats.

By now, you are familiar with the key features of G Suite and going by the looks of it, the apps do provide a great many options, which really bodes well. Nevertheless, one thing you can rely upon is that all the apps do seem to be a nice addition and pretty much works fine.


Few Additional Features of G Suite for Business

Once you use the services of G Suite, you must get accustomed to the many advantages that come with the whole package.

Access to Unlimited Storage Space: Being a cloud-based platform, G Suit offers unlimited space. However, there are certain limits. If your organization is employing less than 4 or fewer employees, the storage space offered will be a maximum of 1 TB.

Google Vault: It is an e-discovery and archiving platform makes way for you to set retention policies, which happens to based on any Gmail or Drive search operator. Basically, it ends up giving you respite, while dealing with complex and legal matters.

Google Hangouts Meet: Google Hangouts Meet offers basic video conference and screen sharing capabilities, which largely helps to have group discussions with your clients on a real-time basis.

Google  Slides:  Are you by any means looking for an alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint? In that case, you can opt for Google Slides, wherein you have the advantage of real-time commenting and collaborate, without worrying much about other constraints.

Mobile Management:  By enabling mobile management, you can easily erase sensitive G Suite data from devices that are lost or stolen.

Until now,  the discussion was all about the features of   G Suite for business. But there are additional benefits as well, which are being elaborated below.


Benefits of Using G Suite For Business

  1. Helps to convert a traditional email account into business account: It is now possible using G Suite, you can transform your email account into a business account. This in a way helps to enhance your credibility and does contribute to creating a strong brand value.
  2. Optimum File Security: One big benefit of opting for G Suite lies in its optimal security. The data you had stored for safekeeping are completely secure. Besides, you can save all the back-ups in Google Drive.
  3. Document Sharing Made Easy: You can now easily share open source documents using G Suite with considerable ease. If necessary, you are also capable of putting some restrictions.
  4. Group Mailing: In G Suite, you can send multiple emails from a single email address, at the same time. This in a way lets you get it right when it matters the most.
  5. Round the Clock Customer Support: The 24×7 customer support in G Suite through phone, email, and chat is sufficient enough to help you fix the many issues in quick time. The services are effective and easy to avail.


Are You Willing to Make the Switch?

Under the prevailing circumstances, G Suite indeed appears to be a great choice. It is good for business and can be quite reasonable. Of course, it is a sound investment and you can experience how it works, by opting for a 14-day free trial.

Overall, for all your email hosting solutions, G Suite can be considered to be a safe bet. You are presented with features that are ingenious and exceptional. Apart from offering a great value for money, you also have the benefit of using the platform of Google. Your ultimate aim of creating your own brand identity gets a massive boost with G Suite for business.

To understand the many virtues, you can probably seek the opinion of the experts from the Google live chat support team. In doing so, you will find a prompt solution that perfectly suits your situation.

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