Facebook Account Security in 2018 – Preventive Measures to Avoid Hackers

Facebook Anti Hacking

Why should you give more prominence to Facebook account security in 2018? To prevent hackers from breaking into your account. Once your online credentials are compromised, the hackers can use it for their own nefarious activities.

Incidents of hacking are on the rise and that too at an alarming rate. To say that there is no defensive mechanism that you can put to use, would be completely wrong. However, implementing the steps to restrict the hackers is an altogether different genre.

To ignore the tell-tale signs of hacking would be futile. Instead, emphasizing more on the security scenario can be a lot more productive.

So how do you go about securing the Facebook account?

Yes, you must seriously pursue the safety of your account and this is one area, where you must never compromise. There is a whole procedure involved and it is only when you strictly adhere to the security tips mentioned below, there is a chance for you to stay safe.


6 Facebook Security Tips You Must Never Miss

Facebook security is by and large technical in nature. In fact, the very essence of protecting the account lies in tweaking a few changes in the account and privacy settings.


Let’s look at some of the technical aspects.

  1.  Having a strong password is a must: There is a general tendency among users to employ passwords that are somewhat related to their birthday, anniversaries or the initials of their name. This is a wrong tactic. Instead, experts suggest using passwords that are a combination of special characters, numbers and regular words.

At the same time, one must completely avoid using the same password for the different account. For optimum security, it is also recommended not to share the password with anyone else.

Updating the password on a regular basis is also considered vital, as it completely negates the effort of the hacker, trying to break into your account.

  1. Add a secondary email to your Facebook account: When it comes to securing the Facebook account, it would be of great help to add a secondary email address. By linking an email address to your Facebook account, it will be of immense help. In an event, wherein the account gets hacked, you will then have an opportunity to recover it, with considerable ease.
  2.  Link your mobile number to Facebook account: One more step that you can take is to link your mobile phone number to your  Facebook account. Instances, wherein your account is hacked or you are locked out from the account, you can use the phone number, so as to recover it.
  3. Opt for secure browsing: Secure browsing facility in Facebook comes as a default for all the users. If it is not available, just make sure to click on the Security tab, which you can easily find in the left panel of your Facebook account settings. When you are in, make sure Secure browsing is enabled.
  4. Enable login notifications: By enabling login notifications, you will get to know instantly, if someone is trying to access your Facebook account. It is also here that you have a chance to identify the devices and the computer user that you have used to login to your Facebook account.

If someone is indeed accessing the account from an unidentified location, you can take the preventive measures.

  1. Opt for two-factor authentication: For enhanced security, you can opt for 2- factor authentication. When you turn this feature on, Facebook will then send you an OTP  that you have to use, in a bid to access the account. Since the code is only made available to your phone, hackers don’t really stand a chance to break into your account.


Be Cautious and Remain Alert

With 2 billion plus users, Facebook is a growing platform. It’s role too has changed over the years.  Taking into account the popularity of the social networking site, hackers are making an effort to identify the account that are most vulnerable.

The objective is simple. Steal the valuable data and use the account for malicious activities. You never know, who is a friend or foe. It is in this regard that you need to exercise some amount of caution. You have to remain alert and watchful.

Facebook account security in 2018 is not a protocol that you have to follow a step by step method. Instead, it is prescribed in a bid to help you understand the risk elements and use the methods that you deem perfect and suits your specific requirement.


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