Fast Streaming Videos on Facebook with AV1 – A Reality Now

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Are you hooked to Videos on Facebook?

If yes, then there is a bit of good news.

Judging by the look of it, videos on Facebook, be it on your PC or phone are all set to stream fast.

In a bid to improve the user experience, Facebook has started using the services of AV1- a new video compression technology. The news was announced by the social networking giant at the Video @Scale Conference.

The social media trends are changing and so are your priorities. Yes, there are some obvious issues related to the security of your Facebook account. Nevertheless, with the right amount of advice and support, you can expect to find a way out.

On a similar note, video encoding tools such AV1 are relevant in the present. You are more interested in securing the services of a program that is designed to help you watch videos in the best possible way.


AV1 – A Basic Introduction

AV1 is basically a software program being developed by a consortium called Alliance for Open Media, which is funded and managed initially by some of the big names in the industry like Google, Amazon, Cisco Systems, Mozilla, and Firefox. But the company’s credential got a major boost when Google and Facebook too joined the fray.

Citing better compression as the key, AV1 tries to do things differently. It uses less network capacity than that of its immediate rival. This means, even when there is a network congestion, you can still enjoy high-resolution videos, without having to worry about the limited data caps.

In short, watching videos or making a video call will be a pleasant experience for you.

Naturally,  AV1 does have its own share of trouble. One major drawback, which is yet to be addressed is that it requires a lot more computing power and longer encoding time to compress any video. This, of course, eats into the resources and there is nothing much you can do. However, Facebook is working around the problem to find a possible solution.

As a short-term measure, Facebook is opting for segment-based encoding approach, where the video to be compressed is split into smaller segments. This rather does the job, but it lacks the finesse.


What Can You Expect?

No matter what, you are bound to expect something out of AV1. Well, it promises a lot more and here’s a list of what you can expect:

  • AV1 promises to stream of videos in 4K even with a low bandwidth.
  • It is bound to cost a lot but nevertheless serves the basic purpose.
  • Moreover, AV1 is open source and is very much free to use.

To a large extent, with AV1, it does appear Facebook is trying to change the way you watch videos online.


 Is AV1 Worth the Hype?

If you consider Facebook’s benchmark test, then it indeed seems too good to be true.  To start with, Facebook did test AV1 in conditions that were almost similar to real-life situations.

The results were truly astounding, as it surpassed the set goal of 30%  compression that VP9 and made numerous gains of 50.3%, 46.2%, and 34% if compared to the X.264 main profile. Besides, the video files being tested were SD files and HD files, which are currently the most popular video formats on Facebook.

Already, there are signs that this technology is all set to replace the existing video compression tools.  Since there is no royalty fee involved, it is bound to have a positive impact. Most important of all, AV1 is now consider the video toll of the future. There are  distinct signs of browser creators, software designers and creators are taking a keen interest in integrating the encoding tool into their own systems.

This bodes well for everyone and for all the hype, AV1 appears to be in the right place at the right time.


Final Thought on AV1

By mid-2019, most of the browsers and streaming platforms will support AV1.  Most important of all, the companies will not be required to pay any hefty fees for video compression technology. It looks like AV1 will definitely cut down the overall cost and provides an even playing field, where new startups can enter the video streaming market.

For general users, with AV1 on Facebook, video calling and watching videos online will be a lot faster and devoid of any glitch.


Have Any Question

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Perhaps, quick assistance in the form of Facebook support chat can come to your aid. With the valuable input from the technical experts, you will eventually find a way to fix the problem, wherein you are not required anymore to worry about other constraints.

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