Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Yahoo Technical Support Number

When Yahoo was launched in 1995, it was just a search engine and alongside kept upgrading itself to the web portal. By 1998, it started gaining prominence as a web portal with several services listed therein. These services once accessed by users, work on the basis of background scripts that actually help them in performing necessary activities for accessing Yahoo account.


As these scripts are created manually by the human, there is a chance it might start malfunctioning all of the sudden. Users generally look for Yahoo technical support through which help desk services can be availed from the certified professionals when it is needed the most.

With no official Yahoo technical support number available, users are just confined to availing help desk services through:


– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YahooMail/

– Twitter: https://twitter.com/yahoomail

– Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Yahoo

– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yahoo/?hl=en


Though these sources can be used to avail help for the issues encountered by new or registered users, instant help cannot be expected from the technical support team due to an absence of authentic Yahoo tech support number.


Has anyone thought about it??


The actual reason behind this is the limited number of professionals available at Yahoo Inc to handle numerous issues associated with different services that are offered by the reputed web portal.


Think of a scenario if Yahoo phone number been available, it could have been a big problem for help desk experts available in limited number to handle phone calls made by Y! users worldwide


“As Yahoo published a blog on Tumblr saying “Beware of calling a Yahoo support number you see posted online”, their main perspective behind doing this is to prevent the users from showing any interest to the third-party tech support organizations as majority of them are running scam activities on the name of Yahoo”


Someone has said that all the fingers in your hand are not equal. Same applies here as well


It’s really unfair to blame all the self-governing tech support organizations as some of those, work with complete dedication and offer comprehensive Yahoo customer service without adopting any malicious practice.


Though, they charge fees for offering third-party Y! customer service, it should not be considered a scam. Users are made aware in advance that they have to pay a particular fee for availing instant help just by dialing toll-free lines connected with Yahoo phone support number.


As it is said that Yahoo Help desk offers customer service free of charge, then why these tech support companies ask for money?


The answer is simple….


It is agreed that Yahoo customer support is free of charge but without the official phone number, it’s not at all possible to get instantaneous help.

Had there been official toll-free number launched by Yahoo Inc for the convenience of users, they could have availed much-needed customer service free of cost without paying a single cent.

It’s really a practical thing that if a user getting much-needed customer service for Yahoo through third-party tech support companies and that too on an instant basis just by dialing active toll-free phone lines through Yahoo mail technical support number.

then, what’s wrong paying some bucks to get instant help when it is needed the most. No one likes waiting for 4-5 business days for the query, which needs instant attention to avail quality resolution.


Here’s how third-party tech support organizations offer comprehensive Yahoo help desk services on phone: