Facebook Unveils Dating Tool: Is It Destined to Work?

Dating on Facebook

After the Cambridge Analytica fiasco related to the data breach, what is Facebook up to these days? No doubt, the social networking giant is going through a bad patch of late. If the bad press wasn’t enough, the loss of credibility also means a gradual decline in the numbers, with users looking for a way to shut down their individual account.

However, Facebook is yet to lose its charm. Moreover, there is a bit of good news for those who are recently into dating.

Dating on Facebook. It does look familiar. But this is not to be the case. Nevertheless, it does seem to be a fresh initiative.


So what is this fuss all about?

At the recent FB developer’s conference, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a new announcement. He was referring to a new tool that will soon be made available on the platform, which will then allow the users set up their separate dating profile and connect with people they are interested in a date.

The social network giant is trying something dynamic with its foray into online dating space, by incorporating some new elements.

Well, the timing of the announcement has caused a bit of furor. Moreover, some of the users are still coming to terms with this new move. They are finding it difficult to fathom as to how the dating service will work and does it differ from the other dating apps.


Expect the unexpected

It’s quite obvious. To start with, you will have to create a separate profile, in order to use Facebook’s dating feature. From the comments made by the developers of the dating profile, the dating profile will merely consist of your pictures( presumed to be 4).

Now comes the most interesting part. The profile will be visible only to you and to those with whom you intend to interact. This also means, your friends on Facebook will have no inclination of what you are doing.

This to an extent helps you to keep everything low -profile, in case you don’t want others to know that you are looking for a potential match, so as to get hooked.


How can you find the right match?

It is all about conforming to the basics. Of course, there are some regulations, which you are bound to follow. In the initial stages, you might have some confusion. But then unless you try, how will know what needs to be done?

  • After creating the basic profile, you have to seek out the different events and groups, based on the location you are residing. You will also get recommendations about people who are also going to the same event.
  • Your profile will only become visible to others, once you unlock an event you are interested to participate.

Once your profile is unlocked, your profile will be visible to all the users, who are going to the same event. You will also have the option to see who is attending and browse through their subsequent dating profiles.

This is why you are supposed to find the right match. From what it appears, it does look to be a simple affair.

Besides, Mr. Zuckerbarg was very clear what the dating tool is supposed to do. He wants to help users who are single, so as to find the ideal match for long-term relationship goals. During the keynote address, he said ” This is going to be for building long-term relationships. Not just hookups”.


What next?

While looking for the right person, it is only you who is capable of starting a conversation. You can like the particular picture and post a comment if you wish to go on a date.

In return, you will get a few points, in case the person truly likes your remark. Apart from getting a notification, the same person can also leave a few lines in the private message box, linked to the account. Further interactions can continue in the same message box.

To keep the users on the safer side and offer some amount of privacy, the message box has not been integrated with Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.


Is it different from the rest?

There will be some who may suggest that the new dating app from Facebook does likely draw inspiration from Hinge, another popular dating app. But there is one major difference. In a way, it attempts to connect people on the basis of shared events, which is not available with the others.

As mentioned earlier, the dating app is focused on building long-term relationships, which does appear to be a change from the normal retinue.


Will the dating app work?

Online dating has huge potential and Facebook with nearly 2 billion users has a great opportunity play cupid to some lonely hearts! Leaving aside the various aspects, the dating app is likely to be accepted. However, it depends on the algorithm and its ability to help the user find the right match.

Besides, it does not work like other dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble. These are exceptional times and with Facebook after the massive debacle is sort of looking for a way to reclaim the lost ground.

There is a lot at stake and everything will depend on the outcome. In the meantime, enjoy a few more days of being single. If things work fine, you may soon get hitched for good.


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