Facebook Messenger Beefed up for Business!! Know How?

Facebook Messenger

Facebook; being a popular social media portal, is said to be the proud owners of the most popular apps of all time. It’s none other than FB messenger that is being used by 1.3 billion active users.

This messaging application developed and managed by Facebook has gained popularity from the worldwide users just like the social portal. The best part is that Facebook has not confined this app to be merely treated as an extension of its core service.

In simple terms, Facebook is looking to give messenger a unique identity as it can be used to exchange messages between 2 billion users every month alongside other amazing services being touted.

As emphatic success is being achieved by application, it would be of no surprise if Facebook seeks and succeed in finding several ways for the business to benefit FB messenger.

Last year itself in 2017 when three major substantials were brought in by Facebook that was actually business-focused updates, it was actually meant for the messenger app where it can interact or communicate with the followers in galvanic ways.

As if you are showing interest in Facebook messaging service that can offer any help in bringing prosperity to your business, then check out the new updates or features accompanying messenger updates.

Here are the certain versions of Facebook Messenger in which amazing features are being added time-to-time:

Messenger 2.0

On April 18th, 2017; the messenger 2.0 with amazing features, was unveiled in Facebook F8 conference. For this update, significant changes were made by the company on this podium after implementing different strategies. The discovery tab; being the most noticeable one that is actually meant completely for business purpose.

The discovery tab indicated with a hexagon logo, showing businesses that actually have popular chat bots with the bunch of categories like education, shopping, lifestyle, news, food and drink, productivity; wherein relevant offering can be found by the users. Alongside this, a search field is also featured in discovery tab as if you’re looking to find somewhat specific.


Another important feature that came up front in this FB Messenger version was chat extensions that make the interaction of multiple people with business chat bot possible on a simultaneous basis.

In case, the users want to enjoy a late night music party in a group discussion, all they can do is to simply tap on the + icon and choose Spotify to enter the name of the song before pressing “Send to Group” button. Doing so, the song gets added in the thread, which the group users can listen and feel stress-free.

As per the keynote of David Marcus, honorable vice-president of the Facebook messaging product during the conference

“If you direct your existing or future customers to Messenger instead of directing them to a mobile web page or an app, you will definitely see the lift, if you build the right experience.”

Marcus further added…

“Currently experiences with chatbots and businesses are mainly single player and one-on-one. We want to change that with chat extensions by empowering developers to bring their experiences in existing one-on-one and group chats.”


Messenger 2.1

Few weeks went past April update and Facebook again came up with another powerful update for messenger the focus was laid on implementation as well as the ascension of Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities.

This, in addition; actually helped platform identify key information to create a better user experience for consumers. The new and improvised tools for business are developed to connect customers through conversations. The amazing features like built-in natural language processing, new buttons, chat extension for global pages as well as much more to enhance the communication  amid brand and consumers

Here are the new tools that are being used in latest Facebook messenger version 2.1 that help in getting valuable experience as well as quite compatible to drive business activities:

  • Built-in NLP to enhance automated conversations
  • Handover protocol to enable cross-app collaboration
  • within a single Messenger experience
  • Seamless payment flow


Set of Facebook Page buttons for Messenger

  • Desktop support for Extensions SDK
  • Update to customer matching API
  • Chat Extension for Global Pages
  • Policy enforcement Notifications


Messenger 2.2

The launch of Facebook messenger 2.2 version comes upfront with additional NLP capabilities with the different set of languages like Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Vietnamese are added to the roster. The FB messenger latest version 2.2 is accompanied by the new feature named as customer chat plugin that actually helps business owners to converse with probable customers through messenger as well as on the website


Amazing Tools or Features in Facebook Messenger 2.2

1. Customer chat plugin in closed beta

2. Media template released to make image and video sharing more interactive

3. Broadcast API released in open beta

4. Reflecting Customer Experience

5. Handover protocol enables multiple Facebook Apps to collaborate on messenger platform to enable better chat experience

6. Messaging type ‘flag’ requirement


As different versions of Facebook messenger are described one after the other in context with business, the user should now have no ambiguity in choosing the messaging application. In case, any such problem occurs related while enhancing business using messenger app installed on Android or iOS device, then finding best solutions through facebook chat service is recommended as there is no official phone number or online chat support for user’s convenience to fix general or complex issues in minutes.

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