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Facebook Live chat support is what users look for these days so that they can get connected with online experts in minutes. With more than 2 billion active users on Facebook at present, the proximity is that 20% to 30% of the registered users face one or the other problem on a daily basis.

Facebook Live Chat Support

Critical Issues That Requires Facebook Chat Support Services

Here are certain critical issues that propel users to look for Facebook support chat services

  • Troubles during Facebook Sign-in.
  • Unable to reset Facebook Password.
  • Can’t recover the Facebook hacked account.
  • Problems creating the Facebook business page.
  • Facebook Messenger not responding.
  • The disabled Facebook account cannot be recovered.
  • Errors while uploading images or video in a particular album.
  • Can’t create Ad campaigns to increase website page traffic.
  • Problems enabling two-step verification in account settings.
  • Unable to deactivate or delete Facebook account.


Why Users Generally Prefer Facebook Help Online Chat Services?

Here are certain reasons why Facebook help live chat is preferred by users :

  1.  Real-time Facebook help desk services offered through 24×7 live chat.
  2.  Less waiting time as the next available agent gets connected within seconds.
  3.  Users can easily explain complex issues in Facebook to the live chat experts.
  4.  The critical problems are fixed through remote access technology.


Why Does Facebook Not Offer Real-Time Chat Support?

Unfortunately, Facebook chat support service does not exist for the convenience of users.  Alongside that, there is no customer service offered to the Facebook users through phone or email support. They are just confined to getting help desk service through an online community that is actually a time-consuming process.

Had Facebook help chat available for users for a limited period, it could have helped them a great deal. But the question arises, why Facebook does not offer online chat service. As experts available are limited in numbers and it’s actually not possible for them to offer help chat services to billions of Facebook users, who are active throughout the day and face one or the other critical issues.

Round the clock Facebook customer support chat service is not sufficient as users keep coming with different problems one after the another to get immediate assistance. Offering helpdesk services will eat away most of their time that can be utilized for some other technical work, which can enhance the popularity of social media site.


Is Facebook Live Chat For Real?

As of now, Facebook does not offer 24/7 real-time chat for fixation of critical issues. However, there seems any provision for live chat support, it will come upfront on the support page.

Till then, it is suggested to use Facebook help center or online community pages to get feedback for the queries or problems that keeps coming across on social media site.

In case there is an urgency for any individual need to get connected with the live experts for the real-time solution to get complex issues fixed, then he/she can contact self-governing organizations for interacting with Facebook chat online experts in order to get timely assistance before time slip away from the hand.

Recovery of hacked Facebook account and other critical issues like activating the disabled Facebook account, payment issues for paid ad campaigns, comes under this category.


Why Choose iGurus Inc to Acquire Facebook Chat Support?

There are certain reasons Why iGurus Should be Chosen to acquire Facebook help online chat

  • Qualified Experts available to fix troublesome issues
  • Chat service available 24 hours for 365 days
  • Waiting time is less than a minute
  • Free Diagnostic service available
  • Issues resolved through remote desk assistance


How to Use Facebook Chat services at iGurus ?

  • Navigate to the bottom right corner where you can see the chat option with green icon
  • Clicking the same will open the chat form in which you need to enter the query or problem followed by your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Press send button and the next available agent will be at your service.
  • Just click on the link provided by a live expert to allow him/her to take remote access of device for quick diagnosis.
  • Upon quick diagnosis, the agent will let you know the severity of the problem.
  • In case, you are interested in quick fixation of issues, the chat session will be escalated to the senior technician who is proficient in handling the complex problems.
  • Once done successfully, the senior technician will give you stipulated time that is being taken for fixing the Facebook issues permanently.
  • You can have a cup of coffee and relax till the time problem is fixed. The call will be given by technician upon resolution of the problem.
  • Just change the password of your Facebook account and make it secure by enabling two-step verification.

The Facebook Help center team at iGurus, takes approx 40 mins to fix the problem and provide the user with the tips to fix the same in the upcoming future, in case the problem persists again.

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