Is Your Facebook Account Blocked/ Disabled– Understanding the Key Aspects


Are you by any means getting delusional with your Facebook account blocked?

You are bound to come under a lot of stress. The Facebook account is almost like a window, giving you some much need sunshine and air,  by letting you connect with friends and family.

While you are virtually connected, there are the usual hassles, which are almost part and parcel of life. So, when your Facebook account is blocked or disabled for reasons unknown, it does not make any sense at all.

It doesn’t if you account is blocked or suspended. What really matters is your inability to access the Facebook account and this is something that you need to understand.

So, where do you begin amidst all the confusion? Well, in such a scenario, let’s begin to dissect the reasons and understand the aspects of getting the Facebook account blocked or disabled.


The Key Aspects:

There are several reasons why a Facebook account is disabled. In fact, there are some violations for which Facebook won’t even issue any sort of warning., before shutting down the account. In a way, when your account is disabled, you will come across a disabled message, especially when you make an attempt to log in.

At the same time, there are two forms of a disabled account, one that is temporarily disabled, while the other is permanently disabled.

Considering the scenario, your primary objective would be to recover the account, one way or the other. But recovery alone won’t serve the purpose unless you make it a point to understand the reasons.


#1 WHY?

As mentioned above, your Facebook account is either temporarily disabled or permanently disabled. In both the instances, you will be notified, when you make it a point to access the account.

While trying to access the account, make it a point to check the messages. If it says your account is temporarily disabled, chances of recovery are rather high. At the same, if your account is permanently disabled, you won’t stand a chance to recover the account.

Let’s proceed with the idea of recovering a temporarily disabled Facebook account.

It is only when you fail to adhere to the existing protocols that your account gets blocked. So, what are these?

  • If you are using a fake name.
  • Using names that come with special characters and stylish fronts.
  • Post content that is pornographic in nature or promotes hate crime.
  • Approaching other people with the intention of harassment, advertising, dating and other behaviors.
  • When you attempt to impersonate someone.
  • Persistent behavior that violates Facebook’s community standards

Your account also gets blocked, if someone reports to you. There are many possibilities with no immediate solution in sight.


#2 What can you do?

If you do believe that your account was disabled due to some mistake, the only option left for you is to submit an appeal.

  • Your first step would be to make sure your Facebook account was indeed disabled.
  • Now, go to Facebook.com and sign in using the email address and the password. Click Login.
  • If you see the message – Account Disabled, then it means you can send in an appeal.
  • Access My Facebook account has been disabled page. To do so, visit – https://www.facebook.com/help/www/103873106370583/.
  • Click on the Submit an appeal link.
  • Enter your phone number and email address.
  • Make sure to enter your name in the Your full name field.
  • In the next step, you are required to upload a government issue ID, which can be your Driver’s License or Passport.
  • Add all the necessary details for your appeal. This comes in handy:

* If your Facebook name is different from that of your legal name.

* In case your account was hacked or compromised.

* If you have concrete evidence that somebody other than you used your Facebook  account to carry out abusive actions.

  • Once you are done, click on the Send button.

If you were successful in submitting your appeal, then the likelihood of recovering your Facebook account is considerably high. More or less, the Facebook team gets back to you in 5-6 days. You also get notified by Facebook about the same.

Until the Facebook account is reactivated, have some patience and pray that your appeal works.

Important Tips :

  • To reactivate the Facebook account, you need to submit the proof only once.
  • Regularly check your emails to know about any updates.


#3  If you are looking for a speedy solution, then call!

So, it comes down to a point, where you might want a speedy solution to the problem you are facing. There are areas, where your Facebook account gets locked. Well, in this sort of situation, the question that you ask is – how to unlock the Facebook account?

For the sake of convenience, you can call in the third party tech experts, using a toll-free support number. In doing so, you will find a quick resolution to the problem, without having to take any undue stress.

In short, if your account is disabled, there are ways to recover it. All you have to do is to understand the procedure and look for a way out.

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