Facebook Anti Hacking

Facebook Account Security in 2018 – Preventive Measures to Avoid Hackers

Why should you give more prominence to Facebook account security in 2018? To prevent hackers from breaking into your account. Once your online credentials are compromised, the hackers can use it for their own nefarious activities. Incidents of hacking are on the rise and that too at an alarming rate. To say that there is…
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Facebook CryptoCurrency Banned

Facebook New Update – All Cryptocurrency Ads To Be Banned

In what appears to be a new move from Facebook, the company is all set to ban ads promoting cryptocurrency products and services. The ban is comprehensive and includes all its platforms, such as Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. From now on, organizations and companies offering ICO or Initial Coin Offerings like Bitcoin and binary…
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Is Your Facebook Account Blocked/ Disabled– Understanding the Key Aspects

Are you by any means getting delusional with your Facebook account blocked? You are bound to come under a lot of stress. The Facebook account is almost like a window, giving you some much need sunshine and air,  by letting you connect with friends and family. While you are virtually connected, there are the usual…
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How Google’s Physical Keys could be a Game Changer in 2018?

Ever wondered what Google’s physical keys are meant for? Well, you might not be familiar with the term. Sounds promising though, isn’t it! Well, it is part of Google’s Advanced Protection Program, designed to protect the online interest of high-value targets such as journalist, celebrities, business leaders and members of political campaign teams. Until last…
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Top 10 Expert Tips on How You Can Use Hash-Tags on Facebook

In the new millennial, adapting to the changes forms the basis for survival. It all comes down to exploring the new ideas and embracing technologies, which are packaged to bring about efficiency and to an extent convenience. The same applies to hashtags (# tags). Hashtags originated from Twitter and are widely being used in Facebook…
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Need Help

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Yahoo Technical Support Number

When Yahoo was launched in 1995, it was just a search engine and alongside kept upgrading itself to the web portal. By 1998, it started gaining prominence as a web portal with several services listed therein. These services once accessed by users, work on the basis of background scripts that actually help them in performing…
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Yahoo Support Number

Yahoo Technical Support Number is Here to Stay !Want to know why?

As far as Yahoo technical support number is concerned, it is meant to offers users like you with a chance to eradicate the account related problems, once and for all. Technical issues are often annoying and do interfere with the normal routine. The situation may turn for worse if adequate measures are not taken. Moreover,…
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Yahoo Password Recovery without Phone Number

The Yahoo password recovery process is not actually complex, but certain strategies are to be applied properly to regain the access of Yahoo account by resetting email password. But what to do if you do not have access to recovery phone number that was provided during Yahoo email sign up. These unforeseen circumstances create problems…
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Yahoo Password Recovery without Email Address

Yahoo email service has been on top since last one decade or so. As amazing features getting added with the launch of classic and Pro versions, its popularity has touched the new heights. As email users are getting more cautious about Yahoo security after the data breach that happen a couple of years back, they…
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I Can’t Send Or Receive Gmail Messages !! Any Reasons Behind This

Are you in agony because of problems being faced while sending and receiving messages upon accessing Gmail account? If you are actually frustrated because of this reason, then it is actually a cause of worry…

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