facebook AVI1

Fast Streaming Videos on Facebook with AV1 – A Reality Now

Are you hooked to Videos on Facebook? If yes, then there is a bit of good news. Judging by the look of it, videos on Facebook, be it on your PC or phone are all set to stream fast. In a bid to improve the user experience, Facebook has started using the services of AV1-…
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Gsuit for Business

Why Using G Suite for Business is Now Considered a Smart Move?

When you refer to Google, it sounds more like a search engine. Enter your query and in an instant, you will find a relevant answer. However, Google is more than that. It now offers a range of services, which play a pivotal role in streamlining multiple tasks with relative ease. For small business owners and…
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Google Addons

Install Add-Ons to Make Best Use of Google Docs

As if you’re like other people; Google Docs is something that can be actually helpful for you to perform tasks and store the documents in the cloud. Though there is something you actually need to inherit from the word processor, but not to forget; there is a huge demand for web-based applications. Google Docs is…
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Dating on Facebook

Facebook Unveils Dating Tool: Is It Destined to Work?

After the Cambridge Analytica fiasco related to the data breach, what is Facebook up to these days? No doubt, the social networking giant is going through a bad patch of late. If the bad press wasn’t enough, the loss of credibility also means a gradual decline in the numbers, with users looking for a way…
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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Beefed up for Business!! Know How?

Facebook; being a popular social media portal, is said to be the proud owners of the most popular apps of all time. It’s none other than FB messenger that is being used by 1.3 billion active users. This messaging application developed and managed by Facebook has gained popularity from the worldwide users just like the…
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Drop Box

Yahoo Mail and Dropbox- Sending Large Mail Attachments Made Easy!

For all the troubles and the many technical issues related to Yahoo, it is still one of the most used email platform. Until now, it did lack some of the technical innovations, which had been smartly integrated by its rival Google and Microsoft. It would be wrong on your part to assume that the basic…
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Facebook Anti Hacking

Facebook Account Security in 2018 – Preventive Measures to Avoid Hackers

Why should you give more prominence to Facebook account security in 2018? To prevent hackers from breaking into your account. Once your online credentials are compromised, the hackers can use it for their own nefarious activities. Incidents of hacking are on the rise and that too at an alarming rate. To say that there is…
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Facebook CryptoCurrency Banned

Facebook New Update – All Cryptocurrency Ads To Be Banned

In what appears to be a new move from Facebook, the company is all set to ban ads promoting cryptocurrency products and services. The ban is comprehensive and includes all its platforms, such as Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. From now on, organizations and companies offering ICO or Initial Coin Offerings like Bitcoin and binary…
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Is Your Facebook Account Blocked/ Disabled– Understanding the Key Aspects

Are you by any means getting delusional with your Facebook account blocked? You are bound to come under a lot of stress. The Facebook account is almost like a window, giving you some much need sunshine and air,  by letting you connect with friends and family. While you are virtually connected, there are the usual…
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How Google’s Physical Keys could be a Game Changer in 2018?

Ever wondered what Google’s physical keys are meant for? Well, you might not be familiar with the term. Sounds promising though, isn’t it! Well, it is part of Google’s Advanced Protection Program, designed to protect the online interest of high-value targets such as journalist, celebrities, business leaders and members of political campaign teams. Until last…
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