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I Can’t Send Or Receive Gmail Messages !! Any Reasons Behind This

Gmail Sending/Receiving Mails Problems
Are you in agony because of problems being faced while sending and receiving messages upon accessing Gmail account?

If you are actually frustrated because of this reason, then it is actually a cause of worry…


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Flawless Steps to Delete Your Gmail Account Effortlessly

Delete Your Gmail Account
Have you already made your mind to delete your Gmail Account? Before, proceeding with the steps, you should make sure that you don’t need messages and content saved within Gmail anymore. This is because, once you remove your Gmail address, all the saved data will also get deleted. However, you will still be able to enjoy other services offered by the Google like Google account, Google search history, and Google+.

In case, you need any email or data that is saved within your Gmail Account; it is highly recommended to back up the files that you’d like to save for future use. (more…)

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Wanna Create Gmail Account on PC and Smartphone device!!

Create Gmail Account
In the web-savvy world, people of all ages whether a teenager, youngsters, middle and old-aged people prefer to create Gmail account. Being incepted by Google, it has complete webmail security to offer with SSL encryption that relieves web users from all kind of anxieties while sharing information during Google account sign-up. With Gmail services incepted in early 2004, there are certain services made open to registered account holders to access Google labs that consist of apps such as Google drive, Google Play, Maps, calendar, YouTube, Translate, photos and much more. (more…)

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